Tuesday, September 24, 2013

when life happens.

when you're snuggled on the couch with your husband & your kittens.
when you're sending kind emails to parents.
writing thank you notes to loved ones.
sending lanterns skyward with your best friends.
laying sweaty in the dark with your heart open to Christ. 
catching up with your best. 

i have an outfit instagram if you're looking for that fix.
i'm obsessed with this song.
i have two cowls left on sale. the rest will be special orders.
 use code LUCKYDAY to get 50% off.

i still love you all! i just love the life i'm living more. 


  1. Glad you're doing well! Love you in stripes!

  2. haha. Life sure does happen! It's wayyyy more fun when you're really living it:-) You're looking good! xoxo