Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thousand Words: Canoeing on the Huron River

For someone who plans every minute detail--or feels like she has to in order to get anything accomplished; I find so much joy in spontaneity. 

Tuesday morning was the last few days of summer that are void of "have-tos" for my teacher husband & teacher me. We bounced a ton of ideas off of each other and finally went with the most far-fetched. 

Drive an hour away with no plan on what to do 
(aside from eating at Frita Batidos--which is a new favorite!). 

After walking around a chilly city, we decided to hit up an old favorite of mine; the Huron River. As a college student, I spent many days paddle-boating with my BFF and canoeing with friends. 
We were completely un-prepared and I'm so grateful I tossed a hoodie in the car because it has been frankly October-like in Michigan for the past week.
P.S. I'm so happy I bought this one.

It was complete bliss on the river. 
The solitude was so romantic and relaxing. 
We canNOT wait to go back with friends.

Also, perhaps I'll start styling my hair and wearing make-up when school starts up again? (blush)


  1. mm... that food looks so good!!! too bad I'm never in AA :(

  2. glad you're able to enjoy the last bits of your summer!!