Thursday, August 08, 2013

Friday Letters.

Dear Manistee, I love visiting you every august and your breathtakingly beautiful sunsets over lake michigan.
Dear Family, we had another successful reunion this year in manistee, with good times had on the beach and by the fire.  
Dear Liz and John, it was so nice to be reunited with you two this week. finally.
Dear Cooper (soon to be nephew), I have been buying way too much for you lately, you will be one well loved baby.  
Dear Leigh, thank you for the much needed and overdue quality time.

Love, Kate

Dearest friends, thanks so much for coming out last week to celebrate my superhero husband.
Dear Chad, thanks for cooking! Yummo.
Dear Brittni, thanks for sweating it out at yoga with me on Tuesday. 
Dear Royal Oak, you were full of far too many crazies tonight. What was up with that?
Dear summer, don't go so soon!
Dear Katie, welcome home! Eee. Thanks for coming over for a good old fashioned sleep over.

Love, Leigh

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  1. So glad you're doing Friday's Letters again!