Friday, July 12, 2013

Chit Chat: vo. 1


Something inspiring: a couple friends have inspired me to be free from Facebook for at least the next two months. It's absolutely refreshing and a great way to focus on what really matters.

Something new: We just bought this blender last week and have made smoothies EVERY day since. I've tried out a ton of recipes and I love adding a boost of spinach and chia seeds to my sips.

Something disturbing: I cried reading this book last night. I was so touched; but I'm pretty sure it's for kids.

Something I'm listening to: I seeeriously love this song.


Something inspiring: being surrounded by such intelligent, courageous, and interesting people while here in Chicago for my Montessori training.   Hearing their amazing stories and learning so much new information from them, has given me renewed excitement and encouragement to be better.

Something new: these sandals I have been lusting for ever since leigh purchased them in the spring.

Something disturbing: how homesick and lonely I am for only being gone for two weeks (not even!).

Something I'm listening to: the justin nozuka station on Pandora. I never get sick of his voice.


Something inspiring We have a client at my place of employment who comes in for a couple different things. She is always such a sweetheart when we see her or even when she is on the phone. When she left the other day I turned to a fellow coworker and said, "she has such a beautiful personality" to which my worker replied, "you'd never guess stage 4 breast cancer." My jaw dropped. How can someone in such a horrible situation walk around with such a big smile? And why do people who seem to have so much have such bad attitudes? It reminded me you don't need much to be happy. It's all about what you do with what you've been given, positive or negative.

Something new: all of the shows I need to watch this weekend that I missed during my vacation in North Carolina.

Something disturbing The fact that my weekend is going to be spent unpacking, doing laundry and cleaning. Two of which I can't stand doing. To make matters worse, I believe my little blue escort is done. So I will be stuck at the house with these fun activities instead of spending my time in the sunshine with Leigh. Extremely disturbing!

Something I'm listening toPretty much anything country...with a splash of Matchbox 20. I know, random. But Rob Thomas gets me every time. And I have to listen to country for two reasons: it's summer / Faster Horses (three day country fest) is in one week!


  1. Loving the new blog idea!! Guest post by your fav 3 yr old? (Or her mom) haha

  2. Oh, definitely!!!! Let me know what you have in mind & we're down!