Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's Up Wednesday

Something inspiring: Everything is in gorgeous bloom lately. It's so funny how brown and gray turning into a rainbow of colors can literally cheer up even the worst mood.

Something new: I am the proud owner of a crossbody bag! I kind of love it and the "crossbody lifestyle". I picked up this one from Nordstrom the other day and I love it. 

Something disturbing: How surprised I was on Friday when I found out that my teaching position was moved down 6 grade levels due to scheduling/lay-offs/etc. 

Something I'm listening to: Oceans by Hillsong United. I think I for sure want a tattoo of the lyrics, "Spirit lead where my trust is without borders/Let me walk upon the water/Wherever you would call me"


  1. Woah, so you're going to be teaching 6 grades from where you have been? Yikes!

    On the upside, those lyrics are just perfect :)

  2. LOVE that song!! made me cry last week- God is awesome.

  3. moved down 6 grade levels? as in you'll be teaching 1st or 2nd?? yikes. if so we'll need to chat lots this summer - I have so much goodness I can share! :)