Thursday, March 21, 2013

What's Up . . . Thursday

Picture completely unrelated. I just wish I was there right now.
Something inspiring: This video. Just watch it; you won't be sorry.

Something new: Delicious Lavender yoga spray. I bought it for my classroom to calm down their insanity and relax those tween issues, but I'm loving it at home too. I'm going to see if I can DIY some.

Something disturbing: How many chickpeas I have consumed in the last five days. Different variations of chickpeas, but chickpeas, nonetheless.

Something I'm listening to:  Sweater Weather by The Neighbourhood. Love so much! Video here.


  1. Here's a recipe for homemade room spray. You can buy lavender essential oil from your local healthfood store or or

    1. You ROCK!
      Thanks so much! I was going to try and swing into Arbor Farms Market this weekend. I haven't been there in FOREVERRR.

    2. You're welcome. If I didn't have to work all weekend, I'd suggest a meetup!