Monday, March 04, 2013

She said.

". . . I just have to ask . . . how many different colors of tights do you own?" -Student

I also should point out that all of my outfit posts on this new blog contain stripes. 
I need therapy. 

blazer: Forever 21
dress: h&m
tights: Target


  1. Those tights make me happy! Actually, the whole outfit does! I'm a sucker for stripes too:-) haha. Was it a girl or boy that asked you about the tights? You can never have enough! Especially if you're like me and accidentally rip holes in them! xoxo

    1. They make me happy too! I think that's the reason I gravitate toward colored tights.
      It was a girl. The boys don't even know what tights are. The other day I had yellow tights on and a boy said, "I like your yellow pants." WHOA NELLY. These DEFINITELY aren't pants--even though some 8th grade girls might think so.
      Oh, middle school.

  2. I'm also a sucker for stripes! Love this blazer on you. And your teal "pants" . ;) (I read your comment above)

  3. I love polka dots like you love stripes and I'm not seeking therapy for it! You rock those stripes!

  4. I just love student comments about teacher style! super cute outfit!